Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Office Makeover: Part 2

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. We were going to tackle painting the garage but we were predicted to get rain for 3 days so thought it was best to postpone that big of a project and work on something smaller instead. In the end, we probably could have painted the garage on Sunday and Monday because we barely got any rain and it was just on Saturday. Back in August I showed you some sneak peaks of my office makeover. Our "little" project over the weekend was to complete start building the new desk for the office area. The plan to complete the desk went out the window when we starting having equipment problems. We finally ended up going to Sears and buying a $30 Craftman Evolv jigsaw, which I have to tell you that I can make pretty straight cuts with it all by myself! So proud of that! 
All we were able to  build was the legs. I did all of the cutting, drilling and screwing myself with just holding help from my husband. We are making this desk based on the Narrow Farmhouse Table plans on www.ana-white.com. It won't be exactly like the plans as we've modified it to fit our space, our needs and the size of the pre-cut top we will be using but the plan was a great guide to build the type of desk we wanted.

*I am not affiliated with Sears or Craftsman. I purchased the Evolve saw with $30 of my own money.

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