Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The first glow of Christmas

The living room is starting to glow with the lights of Christmas and my mother-in-law's gift shop Christmas skills came in handy today at our house. She worked for several years at a gift shop that had a Christmas section all year around, but come Christmas time there were soooo many trees all over the huge store! She brought our Christmas tree up from the basement for me, fluffed it, drove us to buy lights and strung the lights on the tree while I fixed dinner, until we ran out of lights! The decorating will have to wait until tomorrow when we can get more lights. I am very happy with this tree though. We bought it new-to-us for $10 and while I have dreams of a big fluffy tree, this is 100 times better than our previous unsteady tree. One whack of our greyhound's tail and I'm afraid the old tree would have been laying on the floor in a mess.

On another note, in preparation to putting our house back on the market we had new carpet installed today! It's a shaggy mix of browns and tans and I wish we would have put it in years ago! L loves the new carpet too! Before the furniture came back in she was rolling from one end of the room to the other.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas is in the air

Are you an early Christmas decorator? Do you wait until after Thanksgiving? I am normally pulling all the decorations out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving but we are getting new carpet put in the living room hopefully this week, or next week at the latest so the tree can't be put up yet. Very sad about that but super happy about new carpet. We put lights up outside and in the living room windows but I really wanted my tree up, so here is my tree... for now! Got this little guy on super clearance after Christmas last year.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

I took L on our first ever girls Black Friday outing yesterday. Last year was the first year I ever wanted to go anywhere and I just ran out by myself and only went to JoAnn's. I knew this year L would be a big help and it would be a lot of fun and boy was I right. There was just one problem... she's worse about wanting every fabric than I am!! I did have to cut her off but I let her pick out a lot of them. 28 yards of fabric later this is what we came home with.

These are all specifically for L. The purple one with the deer is her favorite. She corrected the lady cutting fabric that it was a fawn! Can you tell she LOVES Bambi?

We picked these out for me but I think there will be enough left for some dots for her too.

L picked out the camo for her dad (after I convinced her he would like camo better than dinosaurs) and she picked out the last one for the new baby.
Crystal approves of our fabric purchases too.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our BIG secret!

I'm sure no one really noticed I've been missing but there's a reason why...
L let our secret out of the bag yesterday!! Miss L is finally going to be a big sister, and what a good big sister she is going to be. She is so excited! Thankfully this pregnancy has been completely different than the first one. I've still had so much lovely morning/all day sickness but that's it. The most exciting thing right now is that I got to buy smaller maternity pants!! I put on my old maternity clothes and they were so big! I had gained 50+lbs by 29 weeks when L was born from preeclampsia. I weighed more pre-pregnancy this time than the last time so I know now that the swelling had really started so early. I am due in May again and we are praying for a May baby. L was due May 15th and came March 1st!

Now our next order of business is getting our starter 2 bedroom house up for sale because I have no idea where we would even squeeze a crib in!!

It was a big hit and the perfect announcement! I ordered the shirt from their Etsy store, super easy to order and super fast!