Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Little Miss G surprised us 5 weeks early! I am in LOVE! She is the sweetest baby and to top it off she has her daddy's eyes! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Joys of Pregnancy Pains

Right when I get on a roll having lots of blog posts scheduled I was hit with some arm and hand problems last week. Staying off of the computer and not sewing are two things I've had to do to get some relief from the apparent pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. Heading back to the chiropractor tomorrow for hopefully some more relief. My awesome chiropractor has given me more relief than my ObGyn telling me to just elevate my hands and arms. Great idea and all but that just makes my fingers even more numb.... and no I'm not suppose to be on here right now, but hopefully I'll see you all back very soon! Baby will be here a month from today tops!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ta-Da! Baby Storage!

Whew! We made it through putting the Sauder cabinet together without arguing. Nick does not like to put things together like this and I actually kind of enjoy seeing something come together but I read the instructions and Nick did all the hard work and ta-da we have baby storage! Here it is in it's place where my old dresser used to be. I can't really change my mind about where it goes now since Nick already anchored it to the wall.
Here is all the of the glorious storage it has! Yes, glorious. When you live in an old house, extra storage is a glorious thing!

I have rearranged the adjustable shelves so many times and probably will again. I went to Big Lots again looking for some storage baskets with no such luck. Their selection of storage and organizational items was lacking. While I was there though I picked up a small tension rod that I'm hoping will be able to handle a few hanging baby clothes. Even with the rod installed, I was able to space the shelves out to allow ample storage on the shelves. Now comes the fun part. I'm off to fill it up with baby things!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter treats

After our first school spring break week it has sure been hard to get back into a routine! I didn't get to do all the things I had originally planned for her since I wasn't feeling well. On the Saturday before Easter we dyed some eggs while Nick put in a new bathroom sink with the help of one of his uncles.
I made this bunny cake on Saturday too for Sunday's Easter gathering but Nick only had time to snap one photo on Sunday before it was completely devoured from nose to tail (except those paper ears of course!). The side view looked way more like a bunny than this front view. It wasn't as short and fat as it looks.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Great Furniture Swap

Baby has less than 6 weeks before we get to meet him or her so even though we still have faith that God is going to bring a buyer for this house, even if it's after the baby is born, we need to make a few moves to be prepared for baby to arrive in this house. First swap was moving my childhood dresser and mirror into L's room. This is what her room looked liked previously looking out into the hallway. These are real-life photos of our house! No cleaning up just for the pictures here.
And this is what it looks like now with my old dresser. That dresser is so much more appropriate for a little girl's room. Yes, there is a dog on a bed in the doorway. No, she does not normally sleep in a doorway. On another note I REALLY want to change the paint color in her room but I'm trying to refrain myself because we are going to sell this house and I'll get to decorate a new room for her!
Now over to our room...
L's old dresser is now tucked into the bottom of our closet. The short little wall next to the closet is where my dresser used to sit. Yes, it did block a little of the closet but hey, we're working with 866 sq ft with 2 adults, 2 dogs and soon to be 2 kids. And our bedroom also serves as an office so there was no other place for it. The wall where the dresser used to sit needs to serve as storage for the baby so we went to several furniture stores looking at real furniture but came home with this Sauder cabinet from Big Lots that needs to be put together. This is the closest picture I could find, ours is the same except the handles are rounded.
The dog bed and our greyhound sitting in the hallway are usually in front of our closet too but they were just temporarily moved while we put this cabinet together. Although I do need to figure out a new spot for Lindy to sleep, probably in L's room.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Handmade Nursery: Crib Sheets

Yesterday I set up a tab on my blog for the Handmade Nursery. When we sell this house and start decorating new rooms there will be lots more posts of putting an actual nursery together but for now it's more a list of all the parts and pieces I've been working on. When I was putting the list together I realized that I never posted about the crib sheets I made. So here are the three I made using THIS tutorial and the Fox Trails line of fabric from Doohikey Designs.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Handmade Nursery: Bath Time!

I was in a sewing mood yesterday and my crazy pregnant brain thought it would be a good idea to make an Easter dress for L. I had fabric and a pattern ready until I remembered this skirt that I made her back in February! How could I have completely forgotten I had something sewn and ready hanging in her closet already for Easter? I'm blaming it on the crazy pregnant brain! Since I was already in the sewing mood I went back to my baby sewing to-do list and whipped up this hooded bath towel.
Since baby is still growing(thank goodness!) Bearemy decided to be my model.
I used a tutorial found HERE that I have had pinned onto my baby board. I've been trying to make Pinterest a little more practical than my bookmarks in the web browser. They usually end up a mess of things I never end up trying and I lose the ones I've actually made and liked. On Pinterest, once I've sewn a tutorial or pattern I liked, I move it over to my Successful Sewing board where I make a comment on how it went, if I changed anything, etc. The one other thing I did do differently on the towel other than rounding the corners was how I top-stitched the towel. I started and stopped (see photo below) where I had top-stitched the triangle piece. The flannel and terry cloth is very thick together and going through 4 layers would have been tough. I also think that the triangle will stay more rounded for the top of a bitty head to dry under. Because of the thickness of the fabrics again I thought if I had been able to top-stitch it that it would have flattened the hood part too much.
I'm not sure if this is too girly if the baby is a boy? I've made a receiving blanket out of the same fabric and have enough left to make some more burp cloths and wash cloths. What do you think? I have some obvious boy or girl fabrics I've sewn up that I figure I'll just donate or give to someone I know whichever gender isn't appropriate but I'm not sure about this fabric. I asked Nick but he wasn't much help!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

7 Questions #5

I almost forgot it was Wednesday today! It is 7 Questions with Gentri Lee day!
The required silly photo. Again, not the funniest. I really have a lack of funny photos of myself. I wish someone would have taken the picture the split second after this because I remember L and I falling over out of the sled into the snow the second after this... which would be way more funny.
1. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?I want to close my eyes and poof! be wherever I want to go. My daughter and I could be in Kansas visiting my family for the evening while Nick's at work and then poof we would be back in time for bed.
2. If you could hold the world record for something, what would it be for and why?
Hmmm.... I want to hold a record for something like growing the largest watermelon or squash. Biggest strawberry maybe, something like that!
3. What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?Probably Braunschweiger (liver sausage/liverwurst), although to me it's not that weird. It's actually really good along side deep fried eggplant.

4. Where would you hide something if you didn't want it to be found?Usually in my sewing area since my husband and daughter don't use anything there. That's the easiest place to hide things they won't find. Sometimes it's too good of a spot though because I forgot about one of his birthday presents I had hid there and remembered a week after his birthday!
5. What is one of your Spring and/ or Easter traditions?I HAVE to have peeps and jelly beans. As a kid the tradition was to go to Texas for spring break/Easter. As an adult with my own family we are still trying to figure out some traditions of our own. We've colored eggs the past couple years with my daughter. Oh and her Easter basket has to be hidden somewhere in the house or the yard for her to find.
6. Would you rather have to make all of your own clothes (including patterns), cook dinner from scratch every night, or walk everywhere you wanted to go?Definitely make my own clothes. I sew for my daughter but I have struggled with sewing for myself. After I have the baby a lose a few pounds I really want to try again.
7. What is your most embarrassing moment? I know, big one.
Honestly I am so easily embarrassed and my face turns red at the littlest things that I couldn't pick a most embarrassing moment. I feel like I get embarrassed all the time!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sights of Spring

It is absolutely gorgeous here today and I want to be out weeding and planting but baby and my body are telling me to take it easy today. I just wanted to share some photos of spring in my yard with you today. I'm hoping these beautiful things blooming will attract someone to our for sale sign in the yard. These are the first photos of flowers I've been able to take with our new 35mm 1.8 lens and I am in love, love, love!