Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ta-Da! Baby Storage!

Whew! We made it through putting the Sauder cabinet together without arguing. Nick does not like to put things together like this and I actually kind of enjoy seeing something come together but I read the instructions and Nick did all the hard work and ta-da we have baby storage! Here it is in it's place where my old dresser used to be. I can't really change my mind about where it goes now since Nick already anchored it to the wall.
Here is all the of the glorious storage it has! Yes, glorious. When you live in an old house, extra storage is a glorious thing!

I have rearranged the adjustable shelves so many times and probably will again. I went to Big Lots again looking for some storage baskets with no such luck. Their selection of storage and organizational items was lacking. While I was there though I picked up a small tension rod that I'm hoping will be able to handle a few hanging baby clothes. Even with the rod installed, I was able to space the shelves out to allow ample storage on the shelves. Now comes the fun part. I'm off to fill it up with baby things!

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