Monday, April 9, 2012

The Great Furniture Swap

Baby has less than 6 weeks before we get to meet him or her so even though we still have faith that God is going to bring a buyer for this house, even if it's after the baby is born, we need to make a few moves to be prepared for baby to arrive in this house. First swap was moving my childhood dresser and mirror into L's room. This is what her room looked liked previously looking out into the hallway. These are real-life photos of our house! No cleaning up just for the pictures here.
And this is what it looks like now with my old dresser. That dresser is so much more appropriate for a little girl's room. Yes, there is a dog on a bed in the doorway. No, she does not normally sleep in a doorway. On another note I REALLY want to change the paint color in her room but I'm trying to refrain myself because we are going to sell this house and I'll get to decorate a new room for her!
Now over to our room...
L's old dresser is now tucked into the bottom of our closet. The short little wall next to the closet is where my dresser used to sit. Yes, it did block a little of the closet but hey, we're working with 866 sq ft with 2 adults, 2 dogs and soon to be 2 kids. And our bedroom also serves as an office so there was no other place for it. The wall where the dresser used to sit needs to serve as storage for the baby so we went to several furniture stores looking at real furniture but came home with this Sauder cabinet from Big Lots that needs to be put together. This is the closest picture I could find, ours is the same except the handles are rounded.
The dog bed and our greyhound sitting in the hallway are usually in front of our closet too but they were just temporarily moved while we put this cabinet together. Although I do need to figure out a new spot for Lindy to sleep, probably in L's room.

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