Thursday, April 5, 2012

Handmade Nursery: Bath Time!

I was in a sewing mood yesterday and my crazy pregnant brain thought it would be a good idea to make an Easter dress for L. I had fabric and a pattern ready until I remembered this skirt that I made her back in February! How could I have completely forgotten I had something sewn and ready hanging in her closet already for Easter? I'm blaming it on the crazy pregnant brain! Since I was already in the sewing mood I went back to my baby sewing to-do list and whipped up this hooded bath towel.
Since baby is still growing(thank goodness!) Bearemy decided to be my model.
I used a tutorial found HERE that I have had pinned onto my baby board. I've been trying to make Pinterest a little more practical than my bookmarks in the web browser. They usually end up a mess of things I never end up trying and I lose the ones I've actually made and liked. On Pinterest, once I've sewn a tutorial or pattern I liked, I move it over to my Successful Sewing board where I make a comment on how it went, if I changed anything, etc. The one other thing I did do differently on the towel other than rounding the corners was how I top-stitched the towel. I started and stopped (see photo below) where I had top-stitched the triangle piece. The flannel and terry cloth is very thick together and going through 4 layers would have been tough. I also think that the triangle will stay more rounded for the top of a bitty head to dry under. Because of the thickness of the fabrics again I thought if I had been able to top-stitch it that it would have flattened the hood part too much.
I'm not sure if this is too girly if the baby is a boy? I've made a receiving blanket out of the same fabric and have enough left to make some more burp cloths and wash cloths. What do you think? I have some obvious boy or girl fabrics I've sewn up that I figure I'll just donate or give to someone I know whichever gender isn't appropriate but I'm not sure about this fabric. I asked Nick but he wasn't much help!

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