Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yellow may not be so sunny

Isn't yellow suppose to be a happy, bright and cheerful color? It isn't when you're trying to cover it up! The girls' room is good sized for our tiny house, coming in at 11 feet x 10 feet. I really didn't think I'd be needing more than a gallon of paint to finish the job but the yellow will not go away! After two coats of paint and primer in one, you can still see just the slightest bit of yellow. Hopefully after one more coat I can start freshening up the trim and getting the room put back together.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Being stuck in the "polar vortex" with 15 inches of snow has cooped me up in our tiny house with lots of time to think in between the cabin fever squeals from the girls. 2013 was good but hard at the same time for us. Definitely not the glamorous trouble free blog-able life but we're all healthy. My girls turned 1 and 6 in 2013. My husband and I made our 10th Anniversary. I got a phone that could text... not that I text another that often, but I can if I want to! And I joined Instagram... which I've been sucked into and I love! I had a great year doing lots of fairs and shows selling my handmade wears.

So watch out, that's what I'm going to blog about! My real life. Hope to see you lots this year!