Friday, September 21, 2012

Applesauce Production

I've got a big production going in the kitchen right now and it's really making me feel like myself again. The whole world stopped when I was pregnant with Miss G just to make sure that she stayed put and was healthy and then I only had a very small garden this year. Oh how I've missed all of it! My husband and the girls and I went to the apple orchard this morning and picked 20+lbs of apples and then bought another variety in their market that wasn't able to be picked. Now the rest of my Friday is going to be spent making applesauce. I don't like making applesauce with one straight variety. I think it gives it a better flavor if you mix two or more varieties. Normally I go for a Gala/Fuji mix but this year I'm doing a Gala/Golden Delicious mix because Goldens were the only variety we could pick today that we like.

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