Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7 Questions

Happy Wednesday! It's 7 questions time! Head on over to Gentri's blog and link up!

1. Describe your perfect day. Being able to spend the day with my husband and both my girls. It doesn't matter what it is, a walk, a drive, playing in the park. 
2.What was something that you were afraid of as a child? The dark, spiders and monsters at the end of my bed that were going to get my toes.
3. What's something you're afraid of today? The dark, spiders, heights, elevators, being alone... should I go on? I have way too many fears.
4. Would you rather be obsessed with yourself or someone else? Being obsessed with myself might actually help me feel good about myself. I'm so obsessed with my girls already that I don't leave much time for myself. Like I tried to go shopping for clothes for myself yesterday and I kept ending up in the little girls clothes!
5. What is a favorite restaurant that you could visit over and over and never get sick of? This little diner across the border that we go to for breakfast. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and I've only ever had breakfast there. It's nothing special, just a cute little old diner. (We live by the Indiana/Michigan border, so across the border is Michigan. Ironic because I grew up on the Kansas/Missouri border. I've never lived in the middle of a state.)
6. What is one food you used to hate but now enjoy? Green olives.
7. Fill in the blank: Star ________. Star Song

And the required funny picture of myself. Probably funnier to me. I was trying to teeter-totter with Miss L. Trying to stay on and get her all the way to the ground.


  1. I love My Little Pony! And the picture of you and your daughter is really sweet : ]

  2. still dont like green olives...but maybe one day...
    here from the hop!!!


  3. I'm still scared of monsters eating my toes!!! Legitimate fear!

    Ps I'm your newest follower:)

  4. I absolutely love this series, it is such a fun way of sharing a little more about yourself with your readers!