Monday, January 30, 2012

Working Ahead: Summer Sewing

Working ahead? I don't think I've ever said those words before! Since staying off my feet and relaxing are two of the best things for me right now I've been doing a lot of sewing. Over the weekend I switched to the summer season and started working ahead on skirts and dresses for Miss L. Of course her daddy asked, "How many skirts and dresses does she really need?" One for every day(or more) of course! And it's even better when it's all made from materials that have been collecting dust in my stash.

First up, I used the Oliver+S Lazy Days Skirt Pattern. Download the pattern for free HERE from Oliver+S! The Lazy Days pattern is a very basic beginner friendly pattern but no matter your sewing level it can be dressed up however you skill allows. The first one I made just like the instructions and hemmed it with pink polka dot grosgrain ribbon. The length is spot on to not need leggings and be nice and cool on a hot summer day.

The second skirt is also made from the Lazy Days pattern. I have been hoarding this farm animal fabric since L was little and I tried to make her a dress out of it paired with the pink camo and it turned into an epic fail. Only having a small piece of it left, I made the body of the skirt as long as I could using up the whole piece of fabric.
Instead of the ribbon hem on this skirt, I used my favorite hemming technique. You just cut a long strip of fabric the same width as your skirt then iron in half, length wise, wrong sides together. Sew the skirt body and the narrow strip together, raw edges together and rights sides facing. Just flip the narrow strip down, iron and top stitch in place. Now even if the hem flips up during the day, as it probably will with a jumping a twirling almost 5 year old, you still see the right side of the fabric instead of seeing the hem and lots of the wrong side of the fabric. This skirt hits L right at the knee right now in January but it will probably end up being paired with some short leggings by the time warm weather comes in 4-5 months. That's a lot of time for an almost 5 year old to do a lot of growing!
These photos are reminding me how much I desperately need to buy a new iron instead of limping along with my current one that I can't use the steam setting on anymore. Spritzing the fabric with water just doesn't get the same results as steam straight from the iron.

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