Thursday, January 5, 2012

Out with Christmas, In with Baby!

All things Christmas got packed back up yesterday and baby boxes started coming out. Since it's been almost 5 years since L was born we had gotten rid of some things so we're having the task of going through everything box by box to see what we still have. L is having a blast looking at all the baby things and it makes me a little sad how big she is! There is an occasional preemie reminder in the boxes that I've found. This sign is one of those reminders. We were VERY protective of her when we finally did get to bring her home and rarely took her out when she was little but if we did this was always attached to her car seat or stroller. I always had positive comments from  people who saw it and respected it, especially when we explained that she was a preemie.
Even though I purchased these close to 5 years ago they still look great! I have no affiliation with the company, they are just a product I loved having. It looks like they are still available directly through the company -

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