Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Made in the USA

While I keep saying that I'm not making any resolutions for 2012, my husband and I do have a goal for the future - buy more American products. We have already been in the habit the past few years if we have a choice between products and see one if American made, we buy that one. We would like to make more of a point now this year and in future years to find other American products and continue to buy them.

This weekend while doing our Christmas exchanges we returned a pair of snowboots to Big R and went off into the store to pick up some winter socks for me. About 9 years ago, when we lived in Kansas, my husband worked for Cabela's and he introduced me to the most wonderful and expensive socks I'd ever had. While not wanting to drive all the way to Bass Pro or Cabela's to buy them, or wait to order them I tried these Fox River socks last year. Much to our pleasant surprise this year when going to buy another pair, they said "Proudly made in the USA". I never knew they were made in the USA, in Iowa that we drive through all the time. I love that it doesn't just say Made in the USA, but they are proud to me making them in the USA! So my husband said get two pairs of them instead of just one!

Another American product that came into the house over the weekend was a few Fiesta ware bowls in 75th Anniversary Marigold color. We received 2 place settings in the dark blue from our wedding and they are the most used dishes in our house. Our plan is to slowly change out the Made in China dishes and fill the cabinet with a rainbow of Fiesta ware colors! For now it's just Cobalt Blue and Marigold.
No matter what country you are from and even if your whole house isn't filled with things made in your country, I hope you at least find some products from your country that you love that you can support.


  1. Thanks for the tip about the socks! I recently got back into roller skating. I need extra wool socks when I go because my feet sweat in skates, and I need to change my socks often to avoid blisters. Cotton socks just don't do the job! I would like to spend this year training and try out of the derby next year. I'll need LOTS of wool socks! :)

    I'm also getting my top teeth fixed this year where it causes gum disease. These two resolutions might be in conflict with each other! LOL

  2. You will love the Fox River socks!! They have similar technology to Smart Wool socks, but a smaller price tag. I paid about $8 each at our local Big R store. Good luck on your goals of 2012!!