Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weeding the Recipe Box

Does anyone else out there have a recipe box overflowing with recipes that you thought sounded good and had every intention of trying... someday? Or recipes you've asked for from parties but never actually made? I'm guilty of it and it needs to change! I want a recipe box I can go to that's filled with dishes I've made, have liked and will make again. I did a quick sort of recipes that I knew were staying but I had an even bigger stack that I don't know if I've ever made before or even like! I'm going to keep a stack at the back of the box that I can slowly go through and to see if they'll make the cut to the good part of the box or to the trash.
I also have TONS of recipes we've printed from the internet that are on 8.5x11" paper that I want to convert to recipe cards if they are a favorite. Tonight I made one of those recipes that I knew we liked but had forgotten about - Layered Meatball Bake from Kraft Foods. And you'll be proud to hear that I've already copied the recipe onto a card and put it into the box!
 And have I mentioned lately how much I love my marigold Fiesta bowls?

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