Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Calendar and Menu Planning: Complete!

Ta-Da! My completed calendar and meal planning board!
Look at yesterday's post if you missed my before shot of the side of the fridge. Since our wall space is so limited the side of the fridge was perfect. I applied the 20"x24" piece of chalkboard vinyl right to the side of the fridge so I can also put magnets on top of the chalkboard. The white rectangles on the menu are made from a sheet of printable magnet that has been sitting in the file cabinet for who knows how long. I just printed some of our favorite meals on it and cut them out. The meal magnets are definitely a work in progress because I know I'll be constantly adding to them. I found chalk markers at Hobby Lobby today and I am in LOVE! They are so much nicer and not as messy as real chalk. Plus who doesn't love the vibrant colors they make. I'm not completely sure about the grey I made the calendar from but it will do for now, I might end up changing it to something brighter.

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  1. I love this! WE too have limited wall space in our kitchen so this is so cute! Thanks for the tip!