Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome iFellowship!


If you've landed on my little blog from iFellowship, Welcome! I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day today! My name is Sarah and I'm a mother to a 3 year old daughter, a hound dog mutt and my husband who is usually referred to as Cowboy.

I love to sew, craft and just make things with my hands! I talk about cooking sometimes, both successful things and some failures. You'll find gardening, canning and preserving talk. And there is always room for some completely random thoughts in there as well.

Thank you for coming by and I hope to see you again!



  1. I have stopped by via iFellowship. I love the purple! Looking forward to reading more of your posts when I get a chance.

  2. You have combined two of my favorite things--purple and dogs! Have an awesome iFellowship day!

  3. Thank you both for coming by today!
    It took me awhile to land on this shade of purple and I think I'm in love! I want to paint my sewing room, if I had a sewing room this color.