Monday, September 13, 2010

Button Indian Corn

L and I decided to start fall today even if it doesn't feel like it outside!

First up we did a Button Indian Corn craft.
I cut out the corn and she glued on all the buttons. Once all the buttons were on it was really heavy so I glued together 2 pieces of card stock and glued the finished corn onto that to make it more stable.

She was rather pleased with herself!
Then we did a L planned craft. She wanted to make a sparkily leaf. A PINK sparkily leaf. I could not find any glitter anywhere. But I have gone through everything so I know I don't have any. I need to get some because this girl wants everything to sparkle. She was so serious with her pink leaf and the blue background she had me put it on. I found some little rhinestone type things for her to glue on as well as some little white pompoms. She had a blast even if I didn't have any glitter!

It was so hard not to push that leaves aren't suppose to be pink, etc. I got over it and let her creativity flow and she had a blast!
Here's another photo of my craft area with even more progress made. Today was the second time I've been able to go down and make something without having to dig for supplies.

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  1. Look at your craft space. It's nice and big and you got "little helpers" too. :o) I'm working to spread my craft space out.
    .....following you now.