Thursday, February 9, 2012

Completing a set!

I am loving sewing with some organization instead of completely random! I finished up a white peasant shirt that was in my unfinished pile to go with the bunny skirt I made the other day. The skirt and shirt are all ironed and hanging in Miss L's closet just waiting for warmer weather. I did intend this for an Easter skirt for her so she will probably need a little jacket or sweater to go over the shirt but I am thrilled to have a matching shirt and skirt. Although this fabric was in the Easter section, she will probably wear this after Easter too when it gets warm since it's not over the top bunnies, chicks and Easter eggs. Just the bunnies and butterflies is more general spring to me.
I really do need to wait until the next morning to take a picture in the daylight but I get so excited to show you something finished that I hate to wait.
 And a modeled shot. At first she said she didn't like the elastic on the sleeves but then she was okay with it. If it ends up she really doesn't like them I'll put some looser elastic in them.

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