Monday, February 6, 2012

Paying attention to details

I was finally able to get out of the house over the weekend (Yay! I was really going crazy if you hadn't noticed.) and pick up the supplies that had derailed everything and frustrated me to no end so I'm back on a roll again! As I'm working through summer sewing this year I am really trying to sew more consciously. Working ahead before the season is already a big step for me. I am also trying to bring more of a "handmade" look to my sewing and maybe not so "homemade". Really paying attention to and adding more details I think will help. For this skirt I used the tutorial from MADE. As simple as they are, following Dana's suggestions of details really made a difference for me on this skirt. I particularly like her idea for when you're sewing the waistband casing, of top-stitching about 1/8" from the top. I'm sure it doesn't make a difference in how it looks in this picture but it really gives the waistband a more finished look and feel. L loves the little butterfly tag that I added to the side but it's one of those things I'd like to rip out and move to a different spot. I wish I had put it on the under layer or closer to the hem of the top layer.
Onto the next thing in the pile of unfinished projects.

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