Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let's just forget about today

Today is not helping in the need to be stress free and relaxed.

#1 - I have been motivated to try sewing for myself again after loosing 2 of my new maternity shirts to holes and tears that can't be fixed. I guess that's what I get for buying cheap shirts. I traced a pattern I already had yesterday and cut out the fabric this afternoon but when I went to sew it... no ball-point stretch needles. And I'm home without a car so I can't go out and buy some.

#2 - Yesterday when I was searching for maternity patterns and ideas, I fell in love with a pattern in one of Anna Maria Horner's books - Handmade Beginnings. Our library has the book and it is available at a different location than the one close to my house, it's just sitting there waiting for me to request it! But my library card needs to be renewed before I can request anything and I forgot to go there this morning after my chiropractor appointment. And as I said in #1, I'm home with no car and can't get to the library.

#3 - After getting frustrated with #1 and #2, I pulled out another pattern on my to-do list but I really need the steam in my iron to work so I thought I'd try it one more time. I'm glad I just tested it on the ironing board because same as the last time, something is broken and water just pours out of it. Another project that has to wait for another day. And as in #1 and #2, I'm home with no car and can't go buy a new iron.

#4 - I'd REALLY like to be nesting. Putting together a crib, decorating a nursery, filling a dresser or closet with little baby things. But no, instead I have to look at it all packed up in boxes while a lonely for sale sign sits outside. Honestly, if the house wasn't for sale I wouldn't have the first clue of where to even set up for this baby. And every time this precious little one kicks me I'm reminded that I have no idea where he or she is even going to sleep.

And it's only 5pm.

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