Saturday, September 3, 2011

Splish! Splash!

Yesterday was the last Friday before my little baby err... big girl heads off to school for the very first time. Since we’re STILL car shopping and stuck at home (that’s a story for a later date), Grandma asked if we wanted to go to the splash park. I had planned to take my big girl last Sunday while Daddy was out target shooting (blowing up any plastic object he could find) but it had finally cooled off and was way to chilly to be running around on a concrete pad with various sprinklers and water spraying and dumping devices. The splash park was built a couple years ago where some under used tennis courts stood. We had never been there before and couldn’t figure out why they only opened for 2 hour sessions. We got there ½ hour into a session and it was the perfect amount of time to cool off on a 90 degree day. I’m glad no one else had a camera because I probably made a terrible face when the barrel of water dumped on me just as I was walking under it.
This was the obvious favorite of all of the kids. In the hour and half we were there, there was always someone hiding inside of this water feature.


  1. that's so cool! I thought it was a bubble!

  2. I think all of the kids felt like they were in a bubble sitting inside of it. I sooo wanted to get inside of it too but I didn't think I'd fit!