Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School

And all was well in the world... or at least with L's first day of school. She ran right into the room and forgot all about us. We had to ask her to come back and give us a hug and kiss goodbye. As sad as I may be about my little girl growing up, was exhausted and went to bed early so she must have had a great day! She talked the whole way home about learning about animals and trucks and the book mobile coming to visit. By the way, I LOVE her kitty shirt from Old Navy. Just makes me smile!


  1. So glad you dropped by Happy Hour, thanks for the comment! I love the way these ledges look. I have a good collection of books for my daughter, but they are all tucked away on the bookshelf.

    I want to invite you back - I have a party of my own going on. Freestyle Friday will be up and running in an hour (or less. Probably less. I'm dinking around a lot today, LOL).

    Cheers ~ Adrianne

  2. Thanks for coming by! I came over to your freestyle friday too! thanks!