Friday, May 6, 2011

Make-Shift Greenhouse

Since I can't plant the warmer vegetables in the garden yet, L's room has turned into a greenhouse thanks to a couple of old decorator tables that were stashed in the basement. I have room for 3 of the little plastic green house trays in the kitchen window but these are the only two windows that get this beautiful warm growing sunlight during the day.

We did have a frost warning a couple nights ago and we covered the strawberries just in case since they are in full bloom. I've never planted strawberries before but I know the first year some people pinch of the blooms to send more energy to the plant for next year and some people leave them. I opted to leave them even if we only get a handful of berries.


  1. So fun! I love your garden posts! I need to be better at taking care of our garden! I might get into trouble if I don't... haha! oops...

  2. Having raised garden beds has made the care of the garden much easier, a lot less weeds than a tilled patch on the ground. Our small lot probably helps too, don't have to haul the watering can very far.