Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coupon Savings: 6 for the price of 1

It's been about a year and a half now that I've been couponing off and on. I really got into about the time that my husband started his current job after his 2009 lay off. I just wish I would have started it while he was laid off but in 2010 I was laid off too so after those 2 big life changes I'm glad to have the skills to save us some money. I'm not extreme about it, I don't buy things that we won't use. Depending on how many of a particular item I buy we sometimes give some to Grandma because she does so much to help us and why not save her some money too!

CVS is having a BOGO sale this week on Sobe drinks. I'm not crazy about them but my husband likes them and with vitamins and no calories, they are definitely better than soda and he can take one to work with him. I just wish I had another coupon and more extra bucks to use on them!

Here's the breakdown:
They are $1.69 each so 6 of them would have been $10.14
With the BOGO sale the price was down to $5.07
I had a $1.50 off 5 manufacturers coupon plus $2 in Extra Bucks bringing the total down to $1.92 with tax for 6!

Yes, one is missing because Mr. took one to work already!

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