Monday, February 22, 2010

Sometimes you have work on the necessities

Part of me didn't want to make a new post and bump down the photo of my daughter holding my hand. She is growing up way to fast! Do you know that she is turning 3 years old in less than a week?!?!

I apologize for the lack of creativity in my handmade Monday but it was a necessity. L has outgrown all of her pjs that I made her in the fall and I needed a few new pairs of pants myself. Dh also got his own motorcycle pair but I didn't get them in the photo because he loves them so much that I'm going to have to steal them to wash them!
The 2 middle pairs are mine and the two outer pairs are L's. The frogs on the left are the very last of this flannel that L has had at least 3 pairs out of! Her monkey's are quite done yet, they need elastic and hemmed but I made a pair just like them for a birthday gift over the weekend.

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