Saturday, December 3, 2011

Out of the 20s into the 30s

I realized yesterday that my profile still said "twenty-something"... it's bittersweet to have to change it to thirty something but on October 31st I turned 30 years old. Although my husband had to work on my birthday, our good friends came over with their 2 greyhounds and we took L and Lindy (our greyhound) trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. L was She-ra, Lindy was Swiftwind and the other greyhounds were a skeleton and a pumpkin. We had some yummy DQ ice cream cake too! It had been forever since I'd had an ice cream cake.

I received a big birthday present earlier in the month from my husband too. I think he was just tired of me stealing his Nikon D7000. We had tried to order a Pentax DSLR but it came damaged and we just weren't happy with it. After I got an "I told you so" from my Nikon loyal husband, he took me to his favorite camera store and we picked out the Nikon D5100. I had previously been using his old D70 until it gave out and then borrowing the D7000, so it took a little getting use to not having 2 dials to adjust the aperture and shutter speed and not having the second screen for settings on the top of the camera but over all I LOVE it!! And since I got a Nikon, I'm learning to use his speed lights!
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