Saturday, July 23, 2011

Storytime Saturday

Welcome to Storytime Saturday! Having a book and story loving daughter with a librarian aunt, I thought I would go through some of L's favorite books and share them with you. I'm starting off with "How do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?" A perfect book for the dinosaur stage!
This cute book goes through different bedtime situations - pouting, crying, begging for another story. There is kind of a look and find for the name of the dinosaurs on the wall of the room, on the dinosaur's headboard. In the end all of the dinosaurs go to bed without any fits!


  1. We like the dinosaur books, too! How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten...and Clean their Rooms. :)

  2. Oh I will have to check those out! I didn't know there were more "How do dinorsaurs..."