Friday, January 14, 2011

What can a styrofoam ball and a pile of plastic grocery bags make?

A fun fluffy super cheap decorative ball is the answer!!

I saw
this wreath by Betty Plain and Simple that Tatertots & Jello posted on her facebook page. Then I was browsing around myself and saw these kissing balls at The Idea Room. And wha-la! I put together a "kissing ball" made from plastic grocery bags! I unfortunately didn't take any photos as I was making it because I was in doubt that I was going to like the end result. I lost count of how many bags I cut up but it was at least 20! The ball is sitting on a glass candle stick holder from the Dollar Tree (Everything is $1!! Love that place!)

This is one of two floating shelves in our living room and this one sits directly above our TV and protects the DVD player from little hands. The DVD player sits on the left and the rest of the shelf is always a work in progress. The bears are always out in the living room and are part of my Big Sky Carvers Bearfoots collection, the photo is of all my kids (the last family photo of them before the big guy passed away), "Kiss" is a metal piece I picked up last year at Hobby Lobby and the candle in the background is something I created today too!
I picked up the glass pieces at the Dollar Tree along with the red crystals. I poured just a little of the red crystals into the bottom, cut a small piece off of a paper towel tube and nestled it into the crystals and poured the rest of the crystals around the outside of the tube and filled up the center of the tube with just enough to cover the white part of the battery tea light. Since it's up on a shelf you don't see the tube, all you see is the "flame" of the candle above the crystals and I can easily take the candle in and out to turn it off and on.


  1. That is a clever idea! I was going to make a few of these with felt or paper for valentines day...I could add one of these as well! Love it...and thanks for the mention!

  2. Thanks for coming by! And thanks for the inspiration!!