Monday, August 23, 2010

Wake up and smell the peaches!

It's peach season here in my neck of the woods so we drove up to a local farm and orchard and picked up a big bag of peaches. They were by far the sweetest and juiciest peaches I think I've ever tasted in my life. Many of them were devoured as they were but the rest had another fate. After getting the hang of making jam with strawberries and blueberries already this year I thought I'd try peach jam. Even through following the directions exactly I thought I had turned it into candy. Thankfully it came out with a nice jam consistency but the little pieces of peaches in it taste like they've been candied. I don't know how much of it I will be using on toast with breakfast but it will definitely make a delicious vanilla ice cream topping!

The remaining peaches found their way into the jars with just a light syrup. This was my first try at just canning something simply the way it is instead of turning it into a jelly, jam or relish. I've been having great luck getting all of the jars sealed but I'll have to wait and see how these are when I open the first jar.


  1. ok-you have inspired me to learn more about this! All of those jars look so yummy!!

  2. It really isn't a hard thing to do. It is just very time consuming. I purchased the Ball Blue Book and it goes through everything! Even though the book is full of recipes. I used the recipe that came in the box of pectin for all of the jams. Last year was my very first year canning and it was such a rewarding year to open up a jar of something that I had made. It just tastes so good!