Saturday, May 15, 2010

Growing Spinach

I have failed over and over again at growing spinach and lettuce but I'm trying again!

I wanted to share the simplest explanation of how to grow spinach that I found on the Hidden Valley website. The biggest thing that has caused me to fail previously are planting too late when it's already getting too hot. I think I finally got them planted early enough as they are growing like weeds in the cool weather!

(from the Hidden Valley website)
Grow your own

Spinach is fairly easy to grow, and it’s delicious fresh. The key is that it likes cool weather.
Plant spinach in early spring; it can resist mild frost. Spinach likes sunlight but not heat, so you might choose a location that gets shade for part or all of the afternoon.
Keep the soil moist, but not wet. You can spread grass clippings from your lawn around it, and that will also give it more organic material.
You can harvest spinach as soon as it looks big enough to eat. Pick leaves from the outside of the plant, because the inner leaves will keep growing and you can pick them later.
The spinach plant will eventually “bolt” — grow a long central stem, with seeds. Pull it up at this point, and use the leaves. The stem is too tough to eat. But your own fresh leaves, washed and eaten right away, are the most delicious spinach you'll ever have.
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