Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I am who I am

Let me share some things about myself that you probably don't know. I live a technology reduced life and I love every minute of it. I don't text. I don't have Caller ID. I don't know the first thing about instagram or Twitter. I don't even have long-distance. I have very few friends because all of this. People that I know just don't get it and then don't invite me, never think of me because I don't text. And I figure if they can't understand my lifestyle then they aren't a true friend. I use facebook and it's mostly to post photos of my girls for my family that live 600 miles away and to get updates from my favorite craft/sewing blogs and pages. Probably only 10% of my facebook usage is actually interacting with people.

My husband is my best friend. We do everything together and with our girls. And we do everything for our girls. With every year of my life I'm less afraid to be the true version of myself. After turning 31 a week ago, I feel it even more. I don't want to spend any time over the next year wasting time. I am who I am and that's all I'll ever be. I can't wait to find those true friends who love ME!


  1. I have no clue about Instagram or twitter either and people always look at me like I just stepped off the titanic. I think it's a good thing what you do:)

  2. I love this post. Yes, I live a highly teched life. However, I love being over 30 and feel my true self every day. I spent 3 years so sick in in Seattle, to be home, and vibrant, and making new friends all the time! My few friends I made in Seattle have commented that it is like getting to know a whole new person and making a whole new friend, to keep in touch with me.

    We probably have very little in common, except sewing and living true to ourselves every day. People will be a part of your life (and my life). No worries about those who just pass through :)

    You would probably be shocked by the blogs that I currently keep going. LOL I'm happy to share them, though, if you want to email me. I still have the same email address :)

  3. You are probably MUCH happier than the rest of us, because of your lifestyle choice. :) I am so sucked into this technological world, it's ridiculous.