Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Red, White and Blue

I am ashamed to admit that our Easter decorations, even as few of them as there were, stayed up way too long after Easter. Then we had so many events and busy weekends in a row that I never got a chance to redo my shelving. So even though it's less than a week before the 4th of July, I am still going to decorate and do something crafty!!

Yesterday, with my daughter's help, I sewed up a felt circle garland. Cutting the circles out took longer than the actual sewing! A couple years ago when I painted the living room, we took down the horrible clanky vertical blinds, and put up these temporary cheap mini-blinds. I had planned for curtains, some nicer blinds, something! Nope, the cheap white mini blinds are still there.
This morning we took the entire family to the beach. There are two beaches nearby where dogs are allowed, so we picked the one that requires less hiking to the beach and it was PERFECT! We had the beach almost entirely to ourselves. People just started to come out when we were getting ready to leave. The thing I can't get over still after 7 years of living here is the temperature drop when you get to the lake and the water felt sooooo cold today! On a 90 degree day it feels great to cool off in the cold water, not so much today when it was in the upper 70s! But we still had a great time. It was our greyhound's first time at the beach. She didn't care much for the crashing waves but she did get her feet wet. Crystal, our beagle mutt, was soooo excited! She loves to swim, but wasn't sure of the bigger waves today. When she'd get to the shore, she would whine and bite at the waves coming in! We've had her out there to swim many times but this was probably the biggest waves she'd seen.


  1. Oh your dogs are beautiful!! I love that garland. Very cute! :)

  2. Thanks!! They are a couple of the best dogs, but I'm a little biased since they are my babies!