Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From the mouth of a 3 year old

L is a funny little girl. She was blessed with her daddy's imagination and comedy. Now, her sayings will lose half the cuteness or hilarity since you can't actually hear her, but I still want to share some of her thoughts and sayings. Try to picture a high pitched little voice that speaks very clear and matter of fact sometimes.

L actually took a nap today. She doesn't take many anymore but she was exhausted from a long holiday weekend still. She is also potty trained except for a night but she had an accident during her nap today. When she got up I was using some wipes to clean her up and she said "You know mom, wipes should be warm."

Over the weekend I was out and about in the rest of the house and L and her daddy were in our bedroom playing with the dogs. All I hear is a little voice holler "A little help here!" I was thinking, what? Did she just say that, yes. Now where in the world did she get that? I have no idea! Cowboy and I and her grandparents are probably the only one that thinks it's hilarious, but trust me, if you would have heard it, it was funny! She was trying to get a toy out from under our bed and was trying to get herself back out and up on the bed. She could have said, "daddy help me" or something like that but no, it was "a little help here!"


  1. haha! That's great. I love how they pick up our grown-up sounding expressions. Thanks for coming by today...returning the favor!


  2. That is funny! "A little help here." Can't wait to hear things she says when she's older! :)

    It's nice to meet you through iFellowship! ♥ Michelle

  3. haha! Cute! I love it! I hear my children say things all the time and I'm thinking..."Where in the world did they hear THAT?" It's like an adult is talking!

  4. coming over from iFellowship. I LOVE your blog and just love you! Thanks for the linkup!


  5. LOL she's a clever one! One of our household favorites was when a kid in the family asked if I could please pass her the handtowel after washing her hands. When I then passed it instead to her father, she said "OR NOT!" It cracked me up - I know they learn these little tricks of the language from us, but it's hilarious to hear them from the mouths of babes =)

    Sarah @

  6. aww thanks for all your comments. I just wish I could video tape these spur of the moment comments to share them!

    Sarah ~ L does the "or not" ALL the time too! She'll just ask us for something and it will be followed by "or not" like she thinks we aren't listing or she already knows she isn't going to get it. It still cracks me up and she picked it up from ME!

  7. Awwwwwww....cutest story ever! I'm just visiting late from iFellowship.
    Blessings to you,
    Sue :)